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Ever a part of the company atmosphere? you may possibly hear the word “SWOT analysis.” In this article, you can download Excel template.

Execution of this analysis is a fascinating approach to assess companies’ projects no matter how small or how big the company is.

The SWOT analysis stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis. It basically is an approach for the recognition of internal and external factors of a business.

Therefore, it also aids in exploring the effect on the feasibility of a project. This analysis template is mostly popular amongst business entities. However, it could be used by not profitable organizations and also for personal assessment.SWOT Analysis Template

The analysis was introduced by Albert Humphrey. He examined the methodology of 500 companies. Consequently, it has been implemented by organizations of all types. Since it benefits in making judgments.

When To Use SWOT Analysis Template?

This template is frequently at first start as a calculated development practice. The technique is an active outline and commanding assistance for making decisions.

Additionally, it allows in revealing helpful opportunities for accomplishment. The use of this template similarly, underline risks before becoming extremely troublesome.

This template helps in making important decisions about the project that directly affect the business and projects. It provides your company with important data. Therefore, this supports the business to survive in a competitive environment.

Elements of Analysis

This analysis mainly has 4 factors. As the name shows S stands for strength, W for weakness, O for opportunities and T for threats.

  1. Strengths: Inner traits and assets which help in obtaining effective results.
  2. Weaknesses: Assets that operate alongside a profitable result.
  3. Opportunities: Exterior elements that the company can use to get the benefit.
  4. Threats: Circumstances that could put the company at risk.

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT analysis often used to categorize components that fall under these four elements. The template mainly is distributed into four parts. In this each section signifying one of the components.

Consequently, the people who are using this analysis method are to be able to choose to use any one of the evaluation templates available. The templates are mostly alterations of the traditional analysis technique.

Therefore, this strategy can be applied to almost everything which aids in the establishment’s greatest benefit. On the whole, by use of this technique, one can decrease the probabilities of disaster.

The SWOT analysis template is incredibility straightforward to operate and similarly it is extremely user-friendly. So far, It’s an effective tool to support you create your company policy.

In conclusion, whether your business is new or managing a current company, it is equally helpful for both situations.

Stages of SWOT Analysis

The next 8 stages are involved in conducting an elementary SWOT analysis.

  1. Enlist possible prospects
  2. Note possible intimidations
  3. Launch significances from the SWOT
  4. Progress a policy to report matters in the SWOT
  5. Choose the objective of the investigation
  6. Investigate your business and marketplace
  7. Note business resources
  8. List weaknesses

Uses of SWOT Template

A SWOT investigation addresses inner and exterior issues that have an influence on your business. Internal factors include strengths and weaknesses. External aspects are the pressures and prospects. SWOT template is one of the best project analysis tool.

  1. Calculated development
  2. Diminishing problems
  3. Responding pressures
  4. Address specific matters


SWOT analysis

Benefits of  SWOT

The main advantage of conducting a SWOT analysis is that it is cost-friendly. It also is very easy to use. Besides, it as well saves time when you don’t have much time for complex circumstances.

Consequently, you can address complications to advance,e your business without the assistance of a professional or advisor. Furthermore, the benefit of this analysis is that it focusses on significant features of the business.

By using this we can report and debate:

  1. Profit from opportunities
  2. Benefit from strengths
  3. Progress business goals
  4. Comprehend business well
  5. Prevent threats

Basic steps of  Analysis:

The following are the basic steps of analysis template

  1. Set your goal
  2. Do your examination: business and opponents
  3. Enlist strong points
  4. Note down weaknesses
  5. Address possible opportunities
  6. Make a list of probable threats (Root cause analysis template)
  7. Accomplish your Analysis

Example of a SWOT Analysis Template Excel

The easiest and straight forward mode to figure a SWOT analysis is to practice analysis templates.

Following are some examples of the templates used for this analysis:

  1. Business SWOT analysis templates
  2. Nike analysis template
  3. Amazon SWOT analysis

SWOT amazon Template

The above-mentioned template will support to stay planned and resourceful. There are different variations and layouts are available depending on need.

Applications of SWOT

As mentioned above we cannot deny the importance of SWOT analysis and the templates used to perform it. This analysis is used for:

  • Workshop discussions
  • Inspiration meetings
  • Issue resolving
  • Development
  • Product assessment (Product analysis template)
  • Opponent valuation


As it is shown by the above discussion SWOT is valuable in many aspects and aids in improving your business in many ways. Moreover, these analysis templates provide an opportunity to focus on the problem areas.

Hence, these benefits taking full advantage of your chances also overcome fears of your existence in the market.





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