Value Chain Analysis

Do you want to know how your business is doing, and its difference in value with your competitor?

The solution is a value chain analysis template that significantly supports you manage your business. A value chain template is beneficial in illustrating complete information about the product.

There are other helpful product analysis templates in the market for the betterment of your business. But most efficient and user-friendly is cost analysis. This process divides various parts of the business into core and secondary activities. It also analyzes the products from beginning to end.

It facilitates in getting all the information from start to finish. Since, it includes design, production, and distribution. This presents a complete picture of the analysis of business activities.

Consequently, analysis enables in establishing competitive benefit, enhance productivity, and boost profit allowances. Therefore, Value Chain Analysis mainly involves the actions a firm keeps in when converting the input to output.

Value Chain Template

This analysis is an efficient means for spotting actions in your firm. Furthermore, it permits us to relate these activities for evaluation.

Michel Porter divided the value chain into 9 activities. These are interlinked with one another.

  1. To satisfy external demand the allocated performed activities are primary.
  2. Besides secondly activities are for internal needs.

Classification of Value Chain Analysis Template

It mainly is categorized into primary also known as line activities, plus support activities.

Primary Activities: The directly related activities which include conversion of input into output are primary activities. These activities comprise:

  1. Incoming Logistics
  2. Strategies
  3. Outbound Logistics
  4. Advertising and Deals

Support Activities: support activities assist primary activities in completion. These contain:

  1. Purchasing
  2. Equipment Advancement
  3. HR Management
  4. Transportation

SValue Chaino, these days, the concentration of the business is consumer happiness. Therefore, the value chain analysis template is the method that supports accomplishing our goal. A root cause analysis template is also a valuable tool in this aspect.

Importance of Chain Analysis

The products must go through a variety of steps until finishing. Chain Analysis permits you to sort out the way to give value to your customers. It also helps to examine the steps to boost that benefit. The root cause analysis is also very important for the batter and successful business.

Steps of VC Analysis

  1. Categorize the Key and support activities
  2. Determine the importance of activities
  3. Distinguish the cost of each activity
  4. Pinpoint the connections among activities
  5. Isolate the options to ease expenses

Benefits of Template

  1. The chief aim of an analysis is to discover how to create maximum value for the business. And, to facilitate your customers at the lowest cost. It is not viable Without having a clear view of each aspect of the business. In truth, without accomplishing analysis, it’s difficult to determine strategies and adjustments.
  2. By using a value chain template, we can similarly, develop business economic benefits.
  3. This analysis template is an effective example of a comprehensive overview of your business input and output.
  4. Consequently, it also splits beneficial activities from inefficient activities.

Thus, by concentrating on the valuable activities the company possibly will get a good amount of benefit.

Value chain analysis is a method that is strengthened by establishing value for clients. Companies that use VC analysis template and understand their client’s demand, they surely have great success on the way. So, this template if used smartly can benefit us in our business in the long run.

Here is the example of a value chain analysis template used:

Value Chain


Consequently, the significance of analysis in businesses cannot be denied due to its significant part. By using these tools and templates we can keep a check on customer’s needs.


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