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Project management is one of the most important aspect of any business. It helps in meeting business objectives and goals.

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI), is very common in all sorts of firms around the world. This supports you in assessing the performance of your organization. And it also aids in examining the success of a business.

The finest route to keep on track of the project schedule is to analyze the performance regularly. Quite a few Project Management KPI templates were available in the market.

It facilitates you realize in a glimpse, whether your business is doing well or not. Besides in case of any errors, it also helps you to get back on track.

The PM Kpi helps in displaying all the data on a single page. It supports in maximizing business performance and accuracy.

Therefore, this excel template also aids in saving time.

Project Management KPI Dashboard

Project KPI is one of the vital components when it comes s to project management. By using this you can get a profitable outcome out of all your projects.

This is an ideal thing for all projects whether it is small or big. This allows you to keep an eye on our projects. Furthermore, it aids you to make decisions at the right time. This easy and straightforward excel template gives you a clear over of your projects.

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Simple KPI Dashboard in Excel Format

The simple project management KPI dashboards support to pursue the growth of the project, project responsibilities and assignments, project problems, and the development of the project.
Project performance usually overviews by the time, reserve, concerns, and consequences KPIs of the project. Tasks present the knowledge about the tasks that are finalized, ongoing, and not-launched until now.

Construction KPI Dashboard Excel

Construction Project KPIs must be developed for the purpose of inspiring and engaging the employees. Plus, this also serves the purpose for the appearance of the most important information for the finding cause. Therefore, Project Construction KPIs worksheets are essential to serve the objective properly.

General Categories of Project Management KPIs

Whenever you are thinking about managing a project you should keep in mind the following 4 main management KPIs:

Correctness: This keeps a watch on the timing of the project. Therefore, it makes sure that the project is completed on time. Consequently, you always should have an assessed achievement date in mind.

Cost: The cost is another important part of any project. This allows you to see whether you are staying on allocating the budget or exceeding your limit?

Quality: This helps you in reviewing is your project going well or not.

Usefulness: This allows you to see if you are investing in the right project is it worth working on the ongoing projects.

Project  Management and Project Analysis are two main components in the success of any business.

Essential KPIs for Most Projects

Following are some of the important and most essential Project Management KPI for almost all project:

  1. Price vs Budget
  2. Complaints
  3. Total disasters
  4. Quantity of flaws
  5. Amount of variations

Gantt Chart Template Excel is also a very important tool for Project Management.

Examples of KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

The KPI is also known as key performance indicators. You also need to find out which indicators you need.

It is crucial to understand what KPI’s are need according to your business model. These indicators control the project in a worthy manner.  Consequently, it also keeps track of insight into the project.

Following are some examples of KPI’s:

  1. Marketing qualified leads (MQL)
  2. Sales-accepted leads (SAL)
  3. Cost per conversion
  4. Planned value (PV)
  5. Actual cost (AC)
  6. Earned value (EV)
  7. Operating cash flow (OCF)
  8. Monthly sales growth

There are many more KPI and the list is never-ending.

Here on this page, you can download the project KPI report template excel.

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Making Your PM Indicators Dashboard

In a KPI Dashboard first, you should choose specific matrices. Then you have to compare your current targets from the previous ones. Consequently, the trend chart addition supports you in achieving your goals and objectives.

The following are some main steps that should be followed in creating the dashboard.

  1. Project-related KPIs with their related explanation
  2. Addition of trend Charts
  3. Relate Previous Year and Target Value Variations
  4. Periodical and Cumulative Classifications

This is the ideal route to follow KPI and stay on track!

Project Management kpi Template

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Structure of KPI Template Excel

Building Project management KPIs should be constructed to keep your targets on track. The KPIs template excel worksheets are essential to serve the purpose.

Constructing KPIs is very vital for the achievement of every project. We cannot deny the importance of indicators for the accomplishment of the tasks. Moreover, it is very important to contribute to the achievement of a project.

Project Management kpi

the following steps help in the identification of project KPIs. And also aids in cresting project-related KPIs template excel:

  1. Awareness of the project aims
  2. Determining the project achievement metrics
  3. Pinpoint the project probable investors
  4. Choose a tool for examining the presentation
  5. Plan to establish the progress of the project

Why use the project management KPI template?

This template helps in tracking down main data utilizing a KPI dashboard to enhance business development. this practice will help you to go through hectic work and it also saves a considerable amount of time as well. Basically, the KPI dashboard template permits and supports you to see an overview of multiple KPIs.

it also allows you to the different KPIs in tabular and graphical form as well. Moreover, you can also compare and analyze the performance between 2 KPIs.The design for this dashboard is user-friendly, simple, and very easy to work with.

This tool also aids in performing effectively. you can also see the accuracy, the gaming progress, and the performance in one glass. any change or issue can also be seen and analyzed by KPI. You must also see Gap Analysis Template Excel.



Consequently, this excel template is very useful for batter business. As it allows better visibility and aids in decision making.

It’s the finest approach to running a business. It allows you to see the execution and focus on business growth.

It allows me to create a sophisticated report for my business



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