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Do you need a better way to handle your project? Are you on the edge of your deadline? Do you have a short time for planning the whole thing from scratch?

Now you do not need to worry the good news is there is a simpler way to maintain your projects well. The key to your question is using project management templates in Google Sheets.

By using a proper Project Plan Template Google Sheets your projects will stay more coordinated. And you will never miss a goal and stay within your financial plan.

Google Sheets surely is a clever choice for your project management.

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Managing your projects using Project Plan Template

 A project manager has a lot of tasks on his list. As he will be managing may be more than one project at a time. Every project has its own requirements.

Therefore, it is very hard for a manager to manage everything by himself without a plan. So here comes the need of a proper Project Plan Template. And the plan in google sheets is quite handy and easy to use.

There are many software and other tools available for Project Plan.

But most of them need proper planning and some are difficult and tricky to use. According to my opinion using a spreadsheet or google sheet for project planning is the best possible and most straightforward choice.

Project Progress Tracking With Statistical Process Control Template is also another very helpful tool in Business Management and Planning.

One of the most challenging tasks in project management work is the ranking of the tasks. In this situation, a project plan is helpful to picture the advancement of separate projects. Consequently, a standard and one of the most useful project management tool for analyzing progress is a Gantt chart.

Benefits of Project Plan template in Google Sheets?

As discussed earlier we can not deny the use of the Project Plan template in managing the project. There is no need to buy expensive and difficult software for managing your project.

I recommend using a simpler but effective choice. Which is using a google sheet project plan tool. It is an easy effective and most straight forward way.

With the help of a good project management template you can:

  1. Can track and analyze multiple projects in a singular platform
  2. See the progress of your project
  3. Compute relation between tasks of the projects
  4. Monitor the work of the project related team members
  5. Boost efficiency
  6. Save time, money, and resources by a proper plan

Examples of Google Sheet templates for Project Plan

We have already discussed the benefits and importance of the Project Plan Template. Now we shed some light on a few examples of it. These templates help you stay on deadline, manage your team. And it also helps you to organize your business effectively.

Since by now we understand that Project Planning is extremely important. As there are many different types of these templates available we can categorize them in 3 ranks.

  1. Keep up the work according to deadlines
  2. Managing and monitoring the teamwork
  3. Save money and stay focused on budget
  4. Ensure the quality of work done by your team

Income Statement Template Google Sheets is also a handy tool whwn it comes to project planning.

Examples of Project Plan Template Google Sheets

The following are some examples of project planning tools and templates.

Google Sheets Gantt Chart Template (Google Sheets)

A good example of a tool used for project management is the Gantt Chart. It basically monitors the time to keep your project schedule.

this template mainly includes a stage of the project, start and due dates, work assigned to each member of the team. You can also add more columns and options to meet your needs for your project. This Gantt Chart Template (Google Sheets) proves to be an excellent option when it comes to project planning.

project management

Project Charter Google Sheets Template

project charter template is a template that gives complete information about the project. It mainly has 2 basic parts one is a feature of the project and the second is the overall info about the project.

Project Plan

Project Expense Report Template

Another example of the Project Plan Template is the Expense Report Template.


You can also benefit from Best Project Analysis Template Excel.

Good luck and Happy Planning!



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