Every business has some requirements and requires some proper tools to run properly. The Business Impact Analysis is a way of collecting information about the component which may cause a problem. This analysis is particularly for inhibition and recovery from difficulties in business.

An efficient BIA template is helpful to assess the possible damaging impact on an organization. It is popular among supervisors and managing teams to measure the possible damage.

Therefore, it also helps in managing the least possible rescue time. It is an essential stage to support executives to determine business organization.

Business Impact Analysis

Main Facts for Business Impact Analysis

This analysis is a method to create business stability. Consequently, it categorizes vulnerable events in a corporation. This often involves pinpointing helping sources and determining recovery time goals.

A Business Impact Analysis or BIA reveals the diversity sandwiched between crucial and non-crucial actions. The Root Cause Template is also helpful as it focuses on reasons and factors of loss. so it can effectively pinpoint the flaws in business and reason for failure. This eventually will help in managing and planning fast recovery.

The analysis approach is an element of a general failure recovery strategy. Consequently, it must evidently define the following parts:

  • The complete detailed incident
  • The business areas impacted
  • Operational restrictions based on the areas impacted
  • Costs associated with the event
  • The amount of time recovery will take

Elements of BIA Template

Often the business impact analysis template is divided into the following categories:

The first part is for the identification of Products & Services in each unit individually. Therefore, it also shows how these 2 are delivered.

Part 2 is for Impact and is mostly used to recognize the effects of time in case of late delivery.

The next section is for Dealer Valuation. Plus, it aids in understanding the supply chain effectively. It is important for delivery on time.

Then there is a section for Recovery Planning.

The last part id is for Source Conditions. It is applied to point the resources needed for proper working without any issue. This also supports in making strategies.

Business Impact analysis excel

Conducting the BIA

In conducting business impact analysis recovery time should give priority. While it assists in establishing fundamental revival conditions.

As the risk management plan has been confirmed and in place then the next step is impact analysis. The analysis evaluates the threats for business.

Consequently, it detects the hypothetical matters responsible for interruption. The BIA would also pinpoint the vital business processes and resources vital to run the business smoothly.

You may also see the GAP Analysis Template as it focuses on current and expected performance.

A BIA is mostly a phase-based method that comprises the subsequent steps:

  1. Collecting data
  2. Assessing the gathered evidence mainly
  3. Planning and assessing conclusions
  4. Submitting the conclusions to management.

Functions of Business Impact Analysis Template

There are many important functions and features of the BIA template.

Nevertheless, the following are some of the most abundant ones.

  1.  Supports in categorizing the products separately in every area.
  2. aids in understanding product and service delivery.
  3. It also helps in the recovery of the product. And sets a time to get the product running again in the market.
  4. Pinpoint the available assets needed throughout distress.

BIA Template

BIA vs Risk Assessment

Mostly BIA and risk assessment are discussed side by side. Because many managers and business organizers perform these two together. But impact analysis frequently performed prior to risk assessment

  1. Business impact analysis determines the potential loss in business. Plus, it also pinpoints data necessary for improvement approaches.
  2. Therefore, possible damage situations are detected by performing a risk assessment.
  3. The BIA is mainly concentrating on forming business stability needs. It also recognizes source needs.
  4. On the other hand, risk assessment emphases on identifying the possibility related to the failure.

Business Impact Analysis Report

The report often notes down the possible effects of the interference of business affairs and procedures. Consequently, the loss cost must be assessed in comparison with the expenses for potential revival plans.

The BIA report focuses mainly on the fast rebuilding of the business. Therefore, practices with the highest economic effects must be repaired first.


Hence, the business integrates the impact analysis template according to the requirement. In real BIA is vital for stable recovery development. You can also check the SWOT Analysis Template Excel. Thus, BIA is equally helpful no matter how big or small the business is. Subsequently, the of BIA figure out strategies for disaster revival plan of the business.


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