Root Cause Template

Are you looking for the most effective and trendy analysis template for your business?

This is an effective method to find out the primary reason behind it. This is also known as root cause corrective action analysis. The product analysis template is of great importance these days. This analysis tool is also a category of this. And it mostly aids greatly in saving your business.

Fundamentally, root cause documents facilitate in pinpointing the reason for the crisis. Plus, it aids in identifying the future approach to address the issue.

It eases to uncover the hidden origins of the problem condition. Consequently, letting you obtain suitable resolutions for it. Therefore, when something went wrong experts often use root cause analysis templates to pinpoint the cause.


So, there are a variety of efficient root cause analysis templates and practices available. However, before getting into them we should first grasp how it operates.

Root Cause Template


According to the requirement root cause templates are available in many formats like:

  1. The Root cause analysis of Excel templates
  2. RC analysis template for Word
  3. PDF template

Components of Root Cause Analysis Template

This analysis template has many components. The most important and most fundamental initial part is even detail and its complete description.

This part contains comprehensive information with the time and date of the event. It also includes specifics about the individual uncovering the event plus the effected population.

Furthermore, other important features addressed in root cause analysis are:

  1. Timelines about event
  2. Investigative techniques and approaches
  3. Findings of the event
  4. Improvement plan


Phases of Analysis

Phase 1: the first and foremost step gathers all the data and evidence concerning the issue. This step is vital in recognizing the recent condition.

So, for this, we need to make a precise and brief problem statement. This should include real effect, probable effect, and the central theme.

Phase 2: This part must include the reason for the matter. In this step, we prepare the strategy of correction. The most important part of this are experts who can help in discovering the solution as fast as possible.

Phase3: This stage pinpoints the root cause. This helps in finding the major cause of the crisis.

Phase 4: In this, we decide the plan for finding the correction plan and executing them. Make sure to talk to all the people who will be a part of it. This facilitates in resolving the matter and avoid it from occurring again.

Benefits of RC Template

The unreliable methods waste time, expense and assets. Brief and faulty fixes only make the problem even more.

Therefore, by applying an efficient root cause analysis helps in solving the upcoming and future problems beforehand.

Use of Root Cause Analysis

RC is a particularly valuable infrequent situation. Nevertheless, this analysis is beneficial in numerous circumstances, involving:

  1. Daily accidents
  2. Health problems
  3. Production mistakes
  4. Hazard assessment

Root Cause Analysis

Types of Root Cause Analysis Tools and Template

According to the need, there are a variety of different project management tools available in the market. Below we review five conventional  most popular approaches, which are:

  1. RT Analysis Report Template
  2. The 5 Whys Analysis
  3. Fishbone Diagram Template
  4. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Template
  5. Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology  Template

Root Cause Analysis Report Template

The above-mentioned report template permits us to perform a comprehensive inspection of the incident. It helps in taking account of some important features.

Those are supporting reasons, measures to drop upcoming danger, verdicts of the pinpointed root cause. It also permits you to record event elements, the time-frame, and the techniques used.

The 5 Whys Analysis

The 5 Whys is a highly applied tool use in finding the problem, enhancement, and final solution. However, it is excellent for basic to moderate problems.

Therefore, it is a straightforward method to distinguish the root cause of a problem. Therefore, most significantly it takes you to find and solve the underlying hidden root of the matter.

Furthermore, the resolution of the hidden cause additionally makes sure that the trouble does not occur again. Consequently, this mainly facilitates saving you time, money and effort daily.

Following are the main steps in this process:

1.    Make problem statement

2.    Identify the reason

3.    Find Root Cause

4.    Solve the main cause

Fishbone Diagram Template

Fishbone diagram template also called the Ishikawa diagram. This method creates a root and consequence relationship. By this system, you might acquire a very comprehensive idea.

Since, in it, this technique breaks down the issue into primary, secondary and tertiary. This type of template aids in analyzing the issue than pointing directly on threatening signs.

Hence, permits the user to divide the crisis’s detail from the record. And it also benefits to concentrate mainly on the crisis and its origins.

Fishbone Analysis

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Template

This template helps in discovering probable flaws or letdowns. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis includes:

  • Probable problems and origins
  • Recent plan to evade failure
  • defining additional plan

this tool is used in problem-cracking tool to diminish hazard.

Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology RC Template

This is a procedure applied to decrease faults and develop a small business. It executes a method to explore root sources. the stages involved in this method are:

  • Outline and measure issue
  • Investigate
  • Execute and Monitor

The above root cause assessment template permits you to submit data about the action strategy, purpose, and exploratory group.

No matter which tool you use, the root cause template is just the beginning of the problem-solving process.

Once you know the cause, the next step is implementing a solution and conducting regular checks. So, it helps to ensure you’re holding the gain and achieving sustainable improvement.


This is critical in contemporary business and it is a vital component of every development toolkit. By using an efficient template, it is viable to underline possible challenges.


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