Finance is the most vital part of every business and must be handled properly. It must never be ignored and when you are dealing with business projects. The managers are always in need of a proper professional tool to deal with the project’s budgets. There is quite a different category of templates available for money managing matters. One of the tools of this kind is the Financial Statement template, which is available in many formats.

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This template deals mainly with the finances of the project which mainly includes revenue, funds, profits, and costs. This is one of the popular tools and is widely used by project managers. The costs and revenues can also be investigated and summarized using the financial statement. You can make these statements weekly, quarterly, or monthly according to the requirement and necessities of your business.

Financial Statement

In this article, we will be talking about financial reporting and financial statements. And will also debate on how this tool works and why is it significant. We will also shed some light on the technique of how do we make the financial statement.

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How to make a Financial Statement?

For the batter understanding and comparison always make the general financial report, so it can be easily interpreted by the stakeholders. the financial statement basically shows the financial health of the project and makes financial matters more manageable and easy to understand

Some of the basic steps to make a general Financial Statement template are as follows:

  1. The selection of the most related topic is very important, as it shows the main idea and detail of the project.
  2. Then enlist the information in a table just like the table of content.
  3. After that comes the next level which is for the assessment and examination of finances. This step makes sure that the project is on right track and allows you to see where the business standing money-wise.
  4. You also must include a part in the financial report to note down the profits and losses.
  5. It is always the batter idea to use graphs and charts to represent the financial data of the project. This way the information can be easily analyzed, and issues can be tracked easily in a peek.

Why need a Financial Statement template?

The main aim of using a Financial Statement template is to review project financial operations and their whereabouts. It helps in making you understand that how much money your business is making. Monitoring of cash in and out is a vital step in managing a project to avoid loss.

Furthermore, a Financial Statement is essential for a project manager to have a timely idea of the project costs and expenses. Therefore, the company resources can also be used properly by using a financial reporting tool.

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Financial Statement tool

Income & Loss Statement Project Expense

If you want to find out project sales and costs, then the income and loss statement can come in handy. It allows you to see what amount of money is coming from where and which part is going into loss. By using this tool, you can also compare revenues against expenses to get a better picture of the economic situation and health of your project. Income and loss statements can be made weekly or monthly depending on your project need. As it allows you to have an idea about the financial progress of the project in a specific period specifically.

In P & L statement contains main areas of interest are sales and expenses. Consequently, net sales of the products and net profit can be determined easily. This tool is a way of repressing a picture of cash flow in the business by highlighting the spending and earning of the project overall.

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Financial Statement


As we have seen in the above discussion the Financial Statement template is of great significance to evaluate the profit and loss in a business setup. Subsequently, make sure a financial reporting tool is added to your overall major project plan to ensure the finances to be handled properly.

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