Are you looking for a template for Debtor Statement Template in excel for bookkeeping? Have you not been using any financial template before for your business?

This article will help you understand the Debtor Statement. And the given template will show you how easily you can keep track of your business money.

The Debtor Statement is a collection of all the outstanding bills for a specific customer. Therefore, it mainly is an accounting method to keep track of the money people owe in your business.

Furthermore, for appropriate accounting of your money, you must update these statements monthly.

Normally, a Debtors Statement Template is created for all the accounts every month like monthly bills and other receipts. Consequently, DS template allows you to keep track of the following things monthly or yearly:

  1. Sales Records
  2. Total Sales
  3. Payments Deadline
  4. Unpaid Balances

Components of DS Template

The Debtors Statement is the main account file used to keep track of customers’ debts. and it also pinpoints the amount of money from credit score account clients.

The main parts of the Debtor Statement Template should include are:

  1. Company name, address, and logo
  2. Statement Date
  3. Customer detail
  4. Categorization of every single transaction like invoices, credit documents, and payments.
  5. Total due amount
  6. Payment terms and conditions
  7. Bank details (account name, account number, etc.)

Debtor Statement and Account Receivable

The debtor is the person who owes money. Basically, it is the credit for supplies or facilities given. The Debtor Statement Template records specific information about what someone owes and why.

The procedure of administering the Debtor Statement is frequently discussed as Accounts Receivable.

This excel template is ready-to-use to track record of purchaser bills all in a single sheet. Moreover, it provides various expense columns that will aid you to see the outstanding receivable in a glance.

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Importance of Debtor Statement Template Excel

This invoicing Debtor Statement template is helpful in many ways like bill tracing, debtor account administration, and overall invoicing. This invoicing template can help tremendously when it comes to collecting routine payments from clients.

Debtor’s statements template plays a very important role in the proper cash flow of your business. This spreadsheet aids in controlling and managing your customers’ accounts.

Therefore, this tool helps in proper cash flow as it provides information about the outstanding invoices. And this helps you to keep a close eye on the amount of money coming and going into your business.

Another important thing is sending out an outstanding cash statement to your clients. As this is a decent approach to recap them the money they owe.

By using this invoicing template, the estimated money coming into the business can be seen in a quick peek.

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Examples of DS Template Excel

The following are the example debtor statement template:

DS template excel

Here is another one showing the different columns and rows for invoicing the debts.

Debtor Statement Excel


Consequently, this invoicing statement template is definitely a very useful file. By this, we can precisely monitor our cash flow.

And by sending out the reminder it also improves business associations with our customers.

So, this excel template performs a very crucial part of your business’s financial wellbeing.


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