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Are you looking for a financial and budget template (excel)?

In this piece of writing, you could download the financial analysis templates. It facilitates to produce financial records in a company and other fields as well.

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The Income Statement of a company shows profit and loss of company finances over a certain time period. The profit and loss can be calculated by considering all the expenses. Then the expenses excluded from the total finances.

Therefore, the income statement template is a financial statement including the finances and accounts of the company. Keeping all the expenses in check is very important for a healthy business.

Consequently, the Income Statement Template Google Sheets are very helpful in keeping all the profit and loss in check over a period.

The main areas covered by this template are expenses, cost, profit, administration expenses, and tax. Furthermore, it keeps all the records in a rational and consistent way.

Structure of an Income Statement Template

The income statement of the company varies from company to company. But the difference is minor. Fundamentally, the statement varies due to the different types of businesses running in different ways.

Furthermore, the Income Statement Template can be adjusted according to need. The following are the main parts covered by this income statement template.

  1.  Sales
  2. Cost of sold items
  3. Total profit
  4. Advertising and marketing costs
  5. General Expenditures
  6. Revenue Taxes

Income Statement Template

How to Create an Income Statement?

The income statement is the information about the finances of a company after a specific accounting period. This is also known as the Profit and loss statement.

Therefore, the main focus of the Income Statement Template Google Sheets is the expenses and revenue of the company.

Following are the main steps of creating the Investment Statement Template:

  1. Make headline for your revenue statement
  2. Then you should prepare a segment for gross income. This includes the budget from sales.
  3. Next, you should estimate the working expenditures include the administration costs as well.
  4. Note down the non-operational gains, total gains and losses.
  5. Find the total income and gross profit.

Why use an Income Statement Template template?

The income statements evaluate the growth of the company. It aids in securing financing and to determine income tax.

Consequently, the expense analysis can be made simpler by utilizing an income statement template. This template assesses your profits and costs over a specific point of time.

You should also have a look at Income and Expense Template Excel.

An income statement template can:

  1. Can instantly produce an income statement
  2. Analyze and report finances
  3. Outlook profit and loss
  4. Estimated taxes
  5. Save time

Income Statement Templat

Categories of Income Statement Template Google Sheets

There are quite a few different types of Income Templates that can be made and are also available. Some of Income Statement examples are:

  1. Simple Income Statement Template
  2. Monthly Income Statement Template
  3. Annual income statement template
  4. Restaurant Income Statement Template
  5. Company Income Statement Example

Income Statement Template excel

Consequently, if you have a shortage of time you can always is a simple income statement template. This can help you analyze the revenue in a shorter time with less effort.


An income statement is a vital financial statement for a successful running company. The statement reviews the company’s profits and losses. Henceforth, it also provides a clear portrait of the business functioning of a company over time.

So, XLS Income Statement Template Google Sheets is the finest finance tracking template used in different businesses.




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