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Are you struggling to manage more than one project at a time? There is an easy solution to your problem, you must try to get help from Multiple project tracking template.

This article will walk you through, how to track the progress of multiple projects in a template? We will also see how multiple projects can be handled at the same time.

Managing a project is quite a tricky and difficult job and supervising more than one project at a time is even more challenging. No matter how skilled or experienced you are to hand more than one project collectively is quite challenging. So, it is impossible for a manager to handle all that workload on his own without some help. So, here come the template and tool for multiple project tracking. This tool comes in many formats and is quite user-friendly.

An overview of multiple project tracking

In a business set up, there could be many different projects executing and running at a time. Proper tracking and organization are needed to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The person in charge which is handling all these processes of the different project often use different helpful tools, one of them is a project tracking templates in excel format.

This tool helps the project managers to handle and monitor the progress and development of different projects collectively. It also helps in monitoring the overall progress and performance of the projects throughout their lifecycle. By using this tracking template, you can also monitor your expenses and budget efficiently.


multiple project management

list of multiple projects tracking templates

There could be many different types of templates used for managing several projects. There is a list of some of them:

  1. Gantt chart template for multiple projects
  2. Issue tracking template for multiple projects
  3. Agile project plan template for multiple project
  4. Multiple project budgeting template
  5. Risk management template for multiple project

you must also have a look at Project Progress Tracking With Statistical Process Control Template.

Components of multiple project tracking template

Keeping a track of several projects is tricky and quite difficult. As in multiple projects set up keeping a hold of all the pieces can get quite challenging and complicated. But fortunately, there is a solution, multiple projects tracking templates can make things easy and manageable for you.  Therefore, these tracking templates are available in various shapes and sizes, and you can pick the most suitable one according to your need.

The project tracking template includes all the important KPIs like risks, budget, expenses, resources, etc. this template also shows the information in graphical and most presentable form.

The basic components which are included in multiple project tracking are:

  1. Project name
  2. Project manager name
  3. Customer name
  4. Project timeline
  5. Project funds and costs

Benefits of using a multiple project tracking template

multiple project tracking template is a very useful and handy tool without any question. It also is very popular and widely used in the project management industry for quite a long time now.

Following are some of the benefits associated with this amazing tool:

  1. It will keep you organized and on track by effectively supervising all your projects, and you will have fewer things to be concerned about.
  2. Easy to manage and you can share all important information easily with your stakeholder and team members.
  3. It also saves you quite a lot of time and takes some burden off your shoulders by keeping a track of several projects in one singular file.

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Important steps in tracking Multiple Project

As we have discussed above that tracking more than one project is quite difficult. But if you get help from an effective tracking tool and follow the following steps you will be able to handle everything without problems.

  1. First, you collect all the important information and data and place all of it in one place. This way you do not need to go back and forth looking for info.
  2. There is a dare need of planning in advance to keep a stronghold on of all the projects and their tasks at a time.
  3. You must highlight all the goals and objectives at the start of the project. This will help in maintaining a consistent workflow throughout the project.
  4. Then in the next step, you must assign priorities to the different takes according to their importance and time plan. This practice will allow you to complete all the projects on time according to your project plan.
  5. Have good communication in place for a better understanding of the project.
  6. You must handle all the timelines and workload effectively for all the projects to execute smoothly.
  7. After that, you must set and manage a timeline to have the maximum productivity of your project team members.

Resource planning for multiple project

Resource planning needs extra work when it comes to plan for more than one project. You must try using a resource planning and tracking template for multiple project management. This will allow you to have a better and efficient understanding of resources among different projects. This way the resources are used efficiently without any mismanagement or waste.

Project Management KPI Template xls are also a very helpful tool in the project management industry

Multiple Project Task Tracking Template

To manage more than one project you must have a track of all the tasks going on in the process by using Multiple project tracking. This helps in keeping a balance out and managing your deliverables effectively. You will also be able to meet your deadline on time by using a task tracker template for various projects.

multiple project tracking

Gantt chart template for multiple projects

A Gantt chart template can be very helpful in managing the various projects at a time. This tool provided an overview of all the processes in one glance. It is very efficient when you need the most competent and advanced project management tool for especially for multiple projects. This tool also has the feature of highlighting priorities, risks, timelines, and deadlines. So, this template could assist you and support you in the successful accomplishment of your projects.


Consequently, multiple project tracking templates helps tremendously in managing the various projects at a time. It is recommended to get help from these amazingly handy templates when you are working on multiple projects.

I hope this article was helpful and informative for you. Please do share the feedback and your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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Good luck & Happy management!



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