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Managing a small project can be far more challenging than the bigger one. Because small business project manager must keep small details in mind, and he could be working on many aspects of the project at a time. Project management tools always come handy in maximizing task efficiency.

So, in order to run your business smoothly, one has a dare need to follow a proper guideline. Therefore this task can only be done by using some useful and handy tools.

There a quite a few project management tools available these days. First of all, they help in maximizing output and keep the workload in check as well. Furthermore, these tools help to keep on track and complete your project in the given time frame.

Project management tools basically give you proper control over your work. Because it keeps a check on all the tasks mainly for small setups.

Properties of Project Management Tools

As every business has its own requirements and the software or tool managing it should be selected according to the requirement of the project. There are many management software available in the market for small businesses. But not one software or tool fits all the projects as every project has its different resources, different team, and different workflow.

Therefore, the question here is how you pick the best project for the management of small businesses. Consequently, the following are some points showing things should be kept in mind while picking a project management tool, especially for small businesses.

  • Cost Friendly

the most noteworthy aspect is project price. The software either free of cost or has the minimum possible price. As in small business, we don’t have much budget to spend on purchasing expensive software.

  • Efficient Task Management

Another important function to keep in mind id the efficiency of the tool. Every single project involves quite a few tasks and the allocated people doing different responsibilities. Keeping an eye on every single part of an on-going project could be problematic and time killing. Project management techniques benefit to monitor work update to accomplish improved results. So upon selecting a project management toll efficiency of the tool should not be compromised.

  • Deadline Management

Another must-have feature should be setting a deadline in order to complete the project on time. As time management and completion of work on time are one of the most critical things.

  • Mobile friendly

Best-picked project management should be mobile friendly. Thus, you don’t have to open your laptop or go to the office just to post an update or a quick comment. Consequently, preference should be given to the tool which offers a mobile application.

  • Integration and compatibility options

furthermore, compatibility is another important factor when it comes to tool selection for the project. Because the management tool is very significant in project management, hence the tool selected must have compatibility with the other tools and tech used in the project.

The 5 Best Project Management Application and Open Sources

There are many project management applications existing in the market holding different features for different business types. But out of all those following are the best ones for small business project management.

  1. AND CO
  2. Asana
  3. KanbanFlow
  4. Paymo
  5. Trello

AND CO Tool(Web, macOS, Android)

AND CO is one of the finest organization software for freelancers. It is a handy project management app that offers great results for a reasonable investment. It is easy to work with, with the left sidebar gives easy access to your clients, projects, invoices and more.

project management tool


Asana Tool (Web, Android)

Asana is a tool made specifically for small businesses. The chief features that are included in this tool team calendars and project checklists. Another property of this is extremely user-friendly. Hence, Asana is the type of software that has almost everything needed for a project management tool.

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KanbanFlow management tool ( iOS, Android)

KanbanFlow is a small project management tool established by Swedish software company CodeKick AB. The application has its names from the Kanban board technique. This technique unites projects and project players. This is an outstanding association process, as it permits all members to see each other’s work and progress. KanbanFlow works best for small business project management.

The software is simply easy to use, but competent. It’s planned for speediness and comfort of use. Thus, users can pick up how to use Kanban Flow in less than two minutes.

project management

Trello tool(Web, Windows, Android)

Trello is an alternative model of tools used for organizing the business. It can fit any type of business work.  Regardless of size and type. Trello is best recognized for its cards which facilitate the users to manage projects in many ways. Troll tool can be applied at the same time for easy managerial work.

project management tool

Paymo business tool (Web, Android)

Paymo is one more amazing tool used for many business types. The product offers a lot of functionality different model that helps to personalize strategies for almost any business. It has characteristics like charts for task design, organizing, time organization and many more.

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