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Check out and download the project progress tracking template for multiple project statistical reporting management.

Project tracking tricky procedure is easily managed by using progress excel charts. That is added here for easy tracking tasks and time. Project planner and Gantt chart tools are also added here for the business owners.

Different issues and risk factors are faced with different stages of the project. Therefore, requiring the continuous attention of the progress manager to solve them on time. A Project Progress Tracking Template comes in handy in this regard.

Plus monitoring employee’s performance involved in the process at the same time.

Through different chat like BCG Matrix Template, you can arrange multiple progress reporting documentation easily for project management.

  1. Project budgeting and at the same time manager is required to keep the project costs under control to prevent major gaps in occurring and making a major difference in the budgets and actual costs.
  2. Priorities are set easily and accurately if the manager is aware of the project’s progress. Changes can be made in the schedule to track tasks and operations.

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History of Statistical Process Control

The basic concept for Statistical Process Control was introduced by Dr. Walter Shewart when he was an employee in the Bell Telephone Laboratories in the 1920s. he was studying the techniques to get better quality using fewer expenses. During his research, he introduced the theory of control with respect to variation. So, this way the world was introduced with the idea of Statistical Process Control Charts.

Project Progress Tracking Excel Template

Through chart and graphical oriented data, you can easily calculate any project progress of daily or monthly.

  1. A project team communication plan is added in the template to improve communication-solving issues at the early stage.
  2. Graphs and bar diagrams are used to the percentage of tasks completed and left.
  3. Limiting factors and trouble factors to project can be determined timely.
  4. Control measures can be added timely.

Project Process

  1. Issues solved and outstanding issues can be observed quickly. Consequently, outstanding issues requiring the instant focus of the manager. They are highlighted with red color and the issues solved are showed using green color.
  2. Moreover, the project plan and ongoing activities are listed in the Project Progress Tracking template. Each and every issue could be resolved easily through an open item issue log template.

There are many different types of tools used for Project management and planning. So, you might also interested in Project Management Tools (Small Business).

Control Chart for Project Progress Tracking

The PC Chart also is known as Schmidt Chart supports to monitor the progress of projects. Therefore, the chart characterizes between minor and major project management issues.

The progress of the project plots as a definite project period versus the achieved way ratio.

Following is an example of such a chart


Project Progress Tracking (Control  Chart)Procedure

  1. Select the suitable control chart according to your data.
  2. Find Out the proper suitable time for gathering and calculating data.
  3. Gather data and evaluate it.
  4. Look for doubtful signals on the control chart. When discovered, point it on the chart and scrutinize the source.
  5. File investigation scenario and reason.


Project Progress and Statistical Process Control

The Statistical Process Control is mainly a tool for judgment. This will permit you to see whether your project is running smoothly or not. If there are any variations or issue notices this tool will allow you to see where the problem is. And after that, it also helps in making decisions when and how to address the issue in consideration. Furthermore, this tool is very helpful for the quality control of your project and has a very positive impact on your project process.

The control charts also allow you to see the changes and variations in the process with time. So, this shows that these charts are essential and very important for quality control and the health of the project. As the information provided by this tool helps in making improvements need.

The Statistical Process Control charts are additionally applied to establish the capacity of the procedure. This allows you to see whether the process is under control or not. The progress can easily be measured by these controls as they show variation and compassion in progress over time.

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Why use PPT with Statistical Process Control

There are some main and very important reasons and facts that show us why we use PPT with statistical control. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. This helps in finishing the critical type of project on the allocated deadline. This is only possible with the control and influence of statistical process control.
  2. This also indicates if the task is completed early before time or if there is any delay or issue in it.
  3. This basically is an Excel-based work which makes it easy and user friendly. Even people with minimal knowledge in statistics can be able to manage it very easily.
  4. This tool also allows all the members in the project to focus and see the development and changes in the projects easily and clearly.

Project Plan Template Google Sheets

Project Plan Template Excel Free

The planning process is given preference if a company is new or working a new type of project. Furthermore, the project to-do list and timeline are the basic elements of the project plan template and Project Progress Tracking Template.

Therefore, the marketing plan is also included in this current template. Free tracking project templates have designed and added here for your help.



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