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Are you new to Project Management or already a Project management professional? Are you aware of thePMBOK® 7 guides? If no, you cannot imagine how amazing this guide is and how helpful can it be in making your life easy as a project manager.
The full for of PMBOK is Project Management Body of Knowledge.
In this article, we will see what PMBOK® 7 Templates are why are they so important in Project Management? We will also discuss what main templates are included in it?
What are the benefits of using PMBOK?

A Brief History of PMBOK® Templates:

The idea of PMBOK was basically introduced in 1996. As the PMBOK 1ST was issued in the late 1900s. Then with time as the project management industry progressed more and more techniques were added to PMBOK. As of now, there are 6 editions of PMBOK available in the market. We are expecting to have the PMBOK® 7 Templates edition coming in 2021.
It has been said that there are some considerable changes have been made in the new addition to meet the recent requirements of the project management industry. The updated version of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is exclusively principally based.
There is12 principles and 8 performance domains are included in the 7th edition. The PMBOK is a collection of different tools and techniques for project management. This helps you every step of the way as it has a different tool for every phase of the project.

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Following is the year-wise publication information about PMBOK:

1. PMBOK® Guide Edition 1 (1996)
2. PMBOK® Guide Edition 2 (2000)
3. PMBOK® Guide Edition 3 (2004)
4. PMBOK® Guide Edition 4 (2008)
5. PMBOK® Guide Edition 5 (2013)
6. PMBOK® Guide Edition 6 (2017)
7. PMBOK® Guide Edition 7 (Expected in 2021)

PMBOK 7 Templates

Why PMBOK® 7 Templates Guide is necessary?

Every business professional has a variety of tasks to manage and have lots of responsibility on their shoulders. When you have a lot on your plate a handy tool or a guide for the collection of tools will be very helpful for you to get some weight off your shoulders.
The PMBOK provides the complete guideline of techniques for every step-in project development process. It allows you to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and finally complete the project on time.

Consequently, Project Analysis and Project Management is an essential part of any business to get success.

PMBOK® 7 Templates are beneficial in the smooth and successful running of a project. It also provides you the opportunity to have a better grip on your project by allowing you to use the different techniques properly on time.
Therefore, this is the best practice and standard guideline you can get your hands on.

Knowledge Zones in PMBOK® 7 Templates Guideline

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) has quite a few different types of knowledge areas. These areas address the different phases of a project like project initiation, planning, monitoring, controlling, and finally closing.
These are the must-have stage for any project. Thus, the knowledge areas are essential and necessary part of a project to complete it with success.PMBOK® 7 new edition will open new doors and a new era for project organization and management.

Project Progress Tracking With Statistical Process Control Template is another helpful tool for project management professionals.

Project Integration Management:

This is one of the initial steps of project management. It comes under the category of project initiation template. This tool helps to keep the project intact and hold it firmly. It also makes sure that the project is running smoothly with no hurdles on the way.

Project Scope Management:

The scope is a very vital part of the project and needs proper management. For this, a decent and effective scope management tool must be used. It includes the scope statement which addresses and explains the scope of your project.

Project Time Management:

You must have heard that time is money. So, the proper management of time is very essential for any project to run successfully till the end on time. You must follow time managing tactics and techniques for proper time management.

Project Cost Management:

Budgeting and cost management is a very essential part of project management. Lots of money goes to waste every year because of mismanagement. To avoid this a project cost management template should be in place for proper organizing of finances. This will establish and new strategies to manage and spend your money properly and cautiously.

Project Communications Management:

Project communication planning and management is also a very important part of any project. As we all know communication is key to success in every project. This will allow you to have better teamwork with every team member knowing the progress and changes in the project every step of the way.

Project Risk Management:

Risks and hazards can be fatal for your project. To avoid a long-term problem there is a need for proper risk management. For this, a risk management tool should be in place. This will help you to pinpoint the problems beforehand and resolve them before it can make any serious damage.

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Project Stakeholder Management

The stakeholders should be managed for proper Project management. You should maintain a log separately only for stakeholders. In that, you must document the stakeholder id, name, role, and contact information. This will allow you to get in touch with them easily on time. And the stakeholder register should also be updated after some time to have the latest information documented in it.

You must also have a look at Project Management Tools (Small Business).


The PMBOK® 7 Templates are equally valuable for managers and newcomers as well. In Fact, it is more advantageous and convenient for the new professionals in the business management industry, you must try this amazing guideline for your projects. I am positive that you will thank me in the end. I hope and wish that you got a clear idea of PMBOK and familiar with its significance by now.
Good Luck!


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