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Fleet management or maintenance is basically the management of vehicles such as cars, vans, buses, trucks, etc. The repairing of these vehicles can easily be monitored by a Fleet Maintenance Spreadsheet tool.

This recording of maintenance data is also called a maintenance log.
These days due to technological advancement keeping track of any information has become easy.

One example of such kind is Vehicle Maintenance Spreadsheet. Vehicles maintenance log tools templates in excel can benefit the user to track forthcoming maintenance time and date.
Therefore, some templates benefit to maintain a track record on yearly base maintenance. Using a Fleet Template is a preventive and upbeat maintenance approach for the upkeep of your vehicle.

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Importance of Using Fleet Maintenance Spreadsheet

A well-maintained motor vehicle spares your fleet regarding emergencies. So, a well-maintained FM Spreadsheet helps in keeping a strict check on vehicle management. This also aids in unplanned and unpleasant interruption.
Keep track of your vehicle is very important it saves time and money both at the same time. Even different organizations and businesses also use the fleet template.
As to run a business you should keep your vehicle in shape update. Because many industries use their vehicle for delivery and many other purposes.
You do not need your order to delivering late due to any problem in the transport chain.

Therefore, keeping a track of vehicle in business is very important too.
Consequently, the Fleet Maintenance Spreadsheet is important personally and business-wise too. No matter what the situation, you always value a lot from maintaining a log for your motor vehicle.

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Key Elements of a Fleet Maintenance log

You probably have tried miniating your vehicle in different ways. If you have tried management using a template, you might already know how effective and easy it is. Fleet log or tools are very helpful in maintaining the good health of your vehicle.
You can even use separate fleet maintenance tools for different parts individually. Thus, this tool helps you from unwanted and unexpected car or motor device-related problems. It also saves you a tremendous amount of time and money.
There are plenty of these tools and templates in excel format available. Or you can easily create one yourself. It is not that difficult as it seems. If you wish to make one you only need some skill in excel. But to make one you need d to know all the important component needs to be included in it.

fleet management

The important ones include:

  1. oil filter record
  2. motor record
  3. suspension system record
  4. Tires age and tire pressure record
  5. battery record
  6. brakes record
  7. mileage readings record
  8. mirrors assessment record
  9. lubrication record
  10. repair records

These few are particularly crucial and vital if your vehicle recently had some maintenance done.

Besides if you wish to design your own Fleet Maintenance Spreadsheet you can add as many records as you want.
If using a ready-made one most of them come with altering options. You can manage them according to need. Mostly excel tools and templates are easy and user friendly.

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Categories of Fleet maintenance logs

As we all are aware that maintenance is vital for vehicles. Personal and professional all vehicles need proper and on time maintaining.
Therefore, using an automated log is very handy when it comes to Fleet Maintenance.

By using one of these tools you can get regular checks on time. This saves you the hustle and unwanted unpleasant events of vehicle-related issues.
Consequently, you need a proper Fleet Maintenance Spreadsheet which manages your car or vehicle mileage and odometer readings.
And most importantly you need Fleet Maintenance to log for your safety.

For example, if you drive an ambulance you can’t be late on call if your vehicle is not working properly. You surely must keep your car up to date at all times.
These logs also help you in understanding the vehicle situation at a glance. So, before using or buying any vehicle you must verify the log. As Fleet log make sure that it underwent routine checking.

fleet log
Following are some examples of logs you can use:
1. Personal vehicle maintenance log
2. Ambulance vehicle maintenance log
3. Fire Fighting maintenance log
4. School Bus vehicle maintenance log
5. Industrial vehicle maintenance log
6. Taxi maintenance log
7. Police Emergency vehicle maintenance log

So on and so forth the list is never-ending.

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How to make a Fleet Log?

Basically, a fleet log is a document t record the condition and last service records of the vehicle. The log also includes information about mileage, engine condition, and physical management of the care like mirrors tires, etc.
The record of oil change and other services are also part of the maintenance log.
It shows the coming expected due date for maintenance as well. This is critical for the good health of any vehicle.
Furthermore, for more details, the operating expenses of vehicles can be also be added in the log. As it is significant to take well maintenance of the vehicles to prevent any failures.
To Conclude after all the safety and health of drivers is very important. We cannot compromise on safety at any cost. A Little lag in maintenance can risk the safety of the user.

Consequently, it is essential to keep the good health of the fleet to avoid accidents and unpleasant events.

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Fleet Maintenance Pro

Fleet Maintenance Pro is one of the best-used software which helps in tracking your fleet maintenance fast and effortlessly. With the use of this software, you will be updated regularly for any maintenance needed in your vehicle. This will keep you on track and monitor your upkeep, renovations, gas, and much more.

Conclusion: So, hence we have seen that fleet maintenance is very important and you must have a handy tool to do it. it is very easy that you can lose track of maintenance. This can result in unpleasant consequences like bad health of your vehicle. to overcome this issue the best way is setting up automatic maintenance reminders. This will also help in reducing the cost.





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