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Are you in search of Recruitment Tracker? Here in this article, you can easily find and download the Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet. In the following article, you’ll find the most worthwhile Recruitment tracking ideas.

The job Candidate Tracker is a document handy in easy data management of job applicants. in addition to extra support to pursue and examine applicants professionally.

Mostly hiring is a hectic job and a difficult task to manage. It needs a lot of management and workforce. It starts from receiving applications then analyzing and finally hiring of employees.

This Recruitment tracker template is helpful for HR professionals. It facilitates the HR department of an organization to successfully handle the staffing procedure.

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Features of Recruitment Tracker:

A general recruitment tracker Spreadsheet in Excel comprises the following factors;

  1. Specifications about the job opening like job name, requirements, and important dates.
  2. Defined stages of hiring in detail.
  3. Register the applicants with the job and interview or test dates if needed.
  4. The final one is the list of names of the applicant appointed.
  5.  And finally, the joining date selected and hired candidates.

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Main Elements of Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet:

Recruitment is one of the significant parts of any business or project. Usually, new companies have a lot of appointments going on. Mostly the number of applicants is so high that you cannot cope with them. In this situation, a Recruitment tracker comes very handily.

  1. The use of a recruitment tracker aids in shortening the hiring process. It organizes things like names, addresses, skills, and other required data in a proper way.
  2. Consequently, this results in the reduction of loads of paperwork.
  3. Additionally, it condenses the need for the HR workforce. Furthermore, this saves time, money, and the workforce. The HR individuals do not need to go through piles and piles of applications and other related documents.
  4. Most significantly Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet intends to keep the management cost at a nominal level. It only can be done by minimizing the workforce. A tracker manages most of the things itself without the need of any individual.
  5. Eventually, it also reduces the HR salary budget by reducing the number of hours, and the staff needed for the process.
  6. Subsequently, the use of the latest skills and tools in recruitment saves a lot of time. And it also reduces the error to a minimal level.

The given recruitment tracking helps in almost every business. Plus it stays the HR members fixated on the employment process.

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recruitment_tracker_excel Format

Significance of RT Spreadsheet

When it comes to hiring no one can deny the importance of the Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet.

Therefore, it saves money and time at the same time. Which can make a massive difference in your company as both are very important things.

The appointment template mostly monitors HR recruitment movement every month

It streamlines the recruitment process

  1. And it also keeps you low a cost
  2. Gives important information and pinpoint disorganizations
  3. Merge all HR system of measurement at one point
  4. Simply keep you and your team notified about the progress
  5. Visibly picture outcomes with straightforward lists and charts

 Example of Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet

Here are some examples Of Recruitment tracking tool in excel format.


 And here is another one



We wish you good luck and happy hiring!



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